Our services are aimed at assisting you throughout all stages of ParaPy application development. From initial opportunity identification and training, to joint development and long-term support, we are here to help.


Value scan

The value scan is a unique service to discover those areas in your engineering processes with the highest degree of automation potential. We adopt unique principles from Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) to make this assessment with you. After you have introduced our team of KBE experts to your current way of working, we help to identify bottlenecks or new opportunities, and formalize this into business cases and various key performance indicators. As such, the scan typically delivers a starting point for one or several pilot projects to unlock the identified potential.


When we start working with our clients on their first design application, we usually encounter a team of very enthusiastic, specialized engineers with an affinity for programming, but limited experience in professional software development. If that’s the case, then our training program might be just the thing for you.

We offer a full-stack application development training ranging from the more fundamental theory behind software engineering to practical, hands-on exercises. Typically, each customer training is a unique combination of the following three modules to best match your current situation and needs:

Start off with a solid theoretical understanding of KBE and the model-centric approach to design automation. Learn to identify automation potential in your own work, how to capture, structure and formalize engineering knowledge, and the different approaches available to create a matching KBE application.

Become familiar with the widely adopted Agile/Scrum software development techniques through our practical crash course. After a brief theoretical background, we prefer to tackle this topic hands on and teach you our own best practices. In this module, we start our own mock development project and we’ll walk you through the Agile approach one step at the time. Along the way, we will cover all relevant DevOps topics such as version control (Git, SVN), pull request and code reviews, automated testing and Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD).

After a basic Python training (optional, depending on the Python development level of the participants) we will dive into the ParaPy platform libraries. This training program lets you “climb” the different layers of the SDK though a variety of small examples and an overarching application. You will start at the SDK’s foundation with the core library, and via the toolboxes most relevant to your engineering background, you will reach the top layers covering graphical user interface (GUI) creation and packaging.

What makes our training program so good? It is adapted to the needs of engineers with a practical, can-do mentality that we have encountered in the past. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Joint application development

Customers that are ready to embark on their ParaPy journey with a first application, are often interested in an initial phase of joint development work. Such a collaboration ensures that the first application will be delivered in time for you to obtain a positive return on investment (ROI). Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for you and your team to further boost your skills alongside our experts.

Joint development projects can take different forms, for example:

2 days of intense and unconstrained development work to get a first feel for what our platform has to offer. Edit: Currently for free! Apply here if you’re interested!

1 or 2 weeks of development work aimed at delivering a first design application for a clearly defined use case. ParaPy guides this process to ensure valuable software with immediate use and thus ROI. These projects are also an excellent opportunity for our customers’ developers to build their skills by working alongside ParaPy. Apply here if you’re interested!

Longer term commitment where our experts work alongside your developers to continually release ambitious design applications over the course of multiple months (or years). This agreement ensures continuous involvement of our experienced developers for high-quality code and quality assurance (code review) and will get your automation department up and running for the years to come.

Licensing & support

We offer a range of licenses, both commercial and academic, to suit your needs for development and deployment. Our technical support services are aimed at helping your team at any stage of their project and at any programming level, from simple start-up issues to more demanding questions on advanced development topics. Technical support includes product updates, speedy email-based issue handling, and online joint coding sessions together with one of our experts to solve a pressing issue as swiftly as possible.

How TWD experienced our joint application development service:

“The ParaPy developers bring a very high level of knowledge and toolsets to the table, combined with a genuine interest in our particular design problem. This results in high level discussions not just about the software implementation, but also about the core of the design problem. With their help we were able to have a fluent development timeline and a good working app.”

Tim van Wageningen
Lead Engineer KBE group
Temporary Works Design B.V.