ParaPy is a complete software toolkit that enables you to develop engineering application like a pro


Why ParaPy?

Over 80% of today’s engineering job is highly repetitive. Use our unique ParaPy platform to capture the underlying knowledge and create applications that automate this work. Accelerate your processes from years to weeks, or from weeks to minutes. And most importantly, give time back to your team for creativity and innovation.

What is ParaPy?

We consider a design app to be the vehicle you need to accelerate your work. Our development library contains all the parts you require – and that you don’t want to develop from scratch yourself – to assemble a flawless and user-friendly design app: 

  • a core library to capture engineering logic and design rules 
  • a broad range of design & engineering toolboxes for 3D modeling, simulation, and reporting 
  • highly customizable user interface to create desktop- and web-based applications 

Once your app is ready for launch, our deployment library will assist in its effortless take-off. This library covers topics like packaging, security, and data management. We guarantee that our platform will save you hundreds of development hours and will spare you the headaches of working on topics that are far-removed from your core business and expertise. 



So stay focused on the automation of your engineering specialization and let ParaPy take care of the rest!




Core library

ParaPy is a declarative, efficient, flexible and 100% Python library for building automated design applications for end users. It lets you compose complex parametric models from small and isolated pieces of code called “objects”. The core library is the firm foundation for all ParaPy toolboxes and client applications.

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Modelling toolbox

Automating creation of 3D models is easy with access to over 150 generic CAD operations and specialized support for construction models (beams, sections, etc.) and Building Information Models (BIM).

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Simulation toolbox

Automatically analyze your design by interfacing to your in-house tools or the wealth of FEM and CFD tools that we support out-of-the-box. ParaPy provides all means to capture the logic to generate 1D, 2D and 3D meshes and assign all solver-specific model properties and boundary conditions.

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Reporting toolbox

Create reports based on your simulation results in any format and export fully annotated technical drawings of your 3D geometry with our specialized drawings package.

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User interface

Our UI libraries empower you to create intuitive, minimalistic graphical user interfaces both for desktop and web-based applications. The UI packages put you in control and allow you to tweak, style, and finetune anything to achieve a first-class user experience and comply with your brand style.

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Develop at the highest rate possible using our PyCharm-compatible productivity tools and be amazed at the speed your envisioned application materializes in front of you. Rather than the closed web-based loop of other platforms, our libraries enable a fast iterative development cycle with interactive Python and a non-blocking UI.

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Wrap your app in the form required for deployment (executable, docker image), auto-generate documentation from source code, and get your app in the cloud with our custom high-performance architecture.

Data management

Keep track of the design solutions created with your deployed app on a project or user basis and manage versions, access, and back-up with our out-of-the-box data management package.


Secure your app and control access rights using ParaPy’s interfaces to well-known and secure authorization standards.


We believe you should be in full control of what you develop and how you protect your IP. Therefore, using ParaPy comes without any obligation to share your source code with us, or to host your app on our servers.


Every design and every engineering discipline has its own quirks and peculiarities. That’s why we provide our high-quality libraries with an open API, so there is room to append your specialistic needs to our robust packages / classes.


Engineers love developing design apps with ParaPy, since we’re 100% Python-based and have cross-platform support for both Windows and Linux.