Welcome to the team Michel!

Michel is our newest team member working in frontend development. He decided to join us because of his interest in 3D rendering and math combined with the excitement of working on frontend projects. In his own words: “Why wouldn’t I want to work at ParaPy?” and we love that attitude.

Michel is an accomplished individual we are proud to call our team member. He has 10 years of experience in single page applications, has an interest in automated deployment and testing and has worked in multiple industries ranging from banking to airports.

When asked about partly working from home he said he is comfortable and “didn’t want to go back to an office after two days”, well we do miss our designated workspace but are happy that home offices are a great alternative for a few days of the week.  

In his free time, Michel enjoys smoking/barbecuing meat regardless of the season, he said: “I don’t care if it’s summer or winter” and we would love to try it sometime soon! He also expressed his love for Nintendo games, tennis, and soccer. 

Good luck Michel, and welcome to ParaPy! 

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