Welcome to the team Shadab!

Welcome Shadab, our marketing and content management intern:

“I have just graduated from the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. I am taking this year before starting my master’s to gain work experience and expand my horizon. That is why I applied for the marketing intern position at ParaPy. I like the creativity and the freedom of this role and how it connects my knowledge of engineering to marketing.

One thing I already like is that, because of my engineering background, I was able to start with ParaPy’s training module to better understand the work that is being done here. I’m happy with that, since ParaPy will be part of one of the master’s courses that I plan to follow next year. My favorite hobby is working out which, despite these challenging times, I am still able to do consistently.  I also enjoy doing committee work at my faculty study association VSV’ Leonardo da Vinci’ and will still continue that work in this gap year. I have been a member of various committees such as the Aviation Department and the Master Department Apollo. “

We are very happy to have Shadab on board and look forward to seeing her marketing work materialize these upcoming months.

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